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Is it making chuffing or popping noises in the intake or

One the cavitation article posted on this forum, (where im getting 80 percent of my cavitation knowledge) it said pre made ELC can do harm to hoses and the like on older trucks such as the 7.3 idi's. What kind of things should i be looking for ( i added the cat elc, $25 a gallon, btw) Nov 6, 2014. #11.Feb 10, 2024 · 4K. Yesterday at 6:22 PM. Cubey. A have a few ugly injectors. Need help diagnosing appearance/causes. Wrenchmonkey316. Wednesday at 8:54 PM. 6.9L IH & 7.3L IDI Diesels. 2. Ford Diesel Forums. 6.9L IH & 7.3L IDI Diesels. clarification; early IDI oil cooler bundle vs. late IDI cooler bundles. Thread starter papadiesel; Start date Jan 3, 2023; Jan 3, 2023 #1 papadiesel Full Access Member. Joined Feb 8, 2016 Posts 165 Reaction score 79 Location Indianola, IA. I am going to replace my oil cooler and get conflictin ...

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I used to think they just checked to see if the fuel had the red dye in it. But, based on some stories i read on-line (which i have no idea if they are true) it seems like there is actually some kind of digital tester, and that taxed fuel has the green color to it and that is what they really test for. The red dye is just an obvious …Jul 18, 2020 · Short answer, no the 460 zf5 will not fit the diesel. But wait, you can make it fit. That is what the article tells you how to convert it over. It has a picture also. What you do is take the international/Ford adapter off the back of the diesel block. 1. Location. utah. Actually, it seems that the zf5 uses a bell housing adapter to connect to the IDI, but the zf6 doesn't use one to connect to the powerstroke. I'll see if I can't dig up a pic. The bell housing bolt patterns are the same. Though it looks like the zf6 may be larger around the rest of the transmission.Nov 28, 2023 · This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. 2,986. Reaction score. 3,335. Location. Crestview, FL. They actually have flathead, 300I6, and 302 kits for the old 8Ns, it was made by a company called "Funk" and thus called a "Funk conversion", they …The TPS/FIPL voltage does not necessarily have to be 1.2 VDC, it can be set as low as .50 VDC, the lower the voltage the softer the shift, try it at .96 VDC. The WOT voltage cannot be set, it is what it is. IIRC on the 93 the VSS is for "Variable Speed" for the E4OD and the ABS. The VSS signal go to the PSOM first then mixes with the Tach ...Forum: Pro's Forum: Oil Burners. This is a good place to discuss your oil burner techniques and experiences.Sacramento. The 3126/ C7 has had many issues with dropping valves, broken internals, injection issues, and other little things like breaking connecting rods. You would be 10 times safer running a DT466, DT530 or DT570. Not too hard to find one in 250+ hp. May 2, 2009.Truck is California 1990 F350 dually extended cab 7.3 166hp diesel, 4:10 Sterling 10.25 rear end, E4OD trans, well maintained with 125,000 miles original, Original injection pump, injectors changed by dealer at about 70,000 miles. Tires one size oversize, I believe 235-85/16, and I think I calculated the tires at 4% greater circumferance.Ford Diesel Forums. 6.9L IH & 7.3L IDI Diesels1,496. Location. Northern Nevada. The Power Master for the Power Stroke Engine is the same starter as the one for the IDI Engine. Only difference is a spacer for the Power Stroke. Take off the spacer and it works for the IDI. Exact same Starter. Power Master 9050 = IdI Engine. Power Master 9051 = Power Stroke …Location. Puyallup washington. I turn on the right turn signal put it to center the right turn signals keep flashing but not brightly, it does the same for either left or right, four way flashers work. Feb 6, 2024. #4.Oilburners - good to know. Bimmerpost ☰ Model Selection. 1. F40Model Year: 2019 + Previous Generations; F20 / F21Model Year: 2012 - 2018. E81 / E82 / E87 / E88Model …Oct 16, 2007 · Just to make a few things clear, that seemed to of been still unclear at the other forums. 1. Ken does build his "stage 1" injectors. Probably the reason for such hit and miss quality. Some get good sets, others get leaky... crappy sets. 2. Ken does NOT, and has never built the Turbo-Cal pumps...or any pumps for that matter. Truck is California 1990 F350 dually extended cab 7.3 166hp diesel, 4:10 Sterling 10.25 rear end, E4OD trans, well maintained with 125,000 miles original, Original injection pump, injectors changed by dealer at about 70,000 miles. Tires one size oversize, I believe 235-85/16, and I think I calculated the tires at 4% greater circumferance.Lifter set. $1150 shipped to continental US. Upgr3. Location. Adams Count, PA. Hey all just wanted to take a Diesel fuel #2 and water separate completely; JP-8 fuel and water do not. JP-8 becomes cloudy when contaminated with water; and the cloudier the fuel, the more severe the contamination. The Ram fuel/water separator will not be able to remove suspended water from JP-8 or Jet A-1. Feb 13, 2006. #10.Forum: Pro's Forum: Oil Burners. This is a good place to discuss your oil burner techniques and experiences. Sep 17, 2018 · Break the locking nut loose w 01-04-2019, 06:28 PM. genscripter. Cargo Master. Join Date: Oct 2012. Location: California. Posts: 3,061. Likes: 19. Received 38 Likes on 26 Posts. You should … tardigrade81. Friday at 11:34 PM. 286. Saturday at 9:00 PM.

Apr 7, 2012 · MOST people will tell you to STAY AWAY from fram oil filters for diesels. i have been using a car quest filter on my truck. the other day i was at walmart and they have the 7.3L powerstroke oil filter (p#-FL1995) for $9.50. i holds more than ours and filters finer. i am going to run that filter next change. Apr 7, 2012. Mar 7, 2013 · In the following, I will show you how to tear down and rebuild your ZF5 transmission with new syncronizer rings, tapered roller bearings, caged gear bearings, and oil seals. First, drain the transmission. Then, remove the shift tower housing from the transmission case. Then, punch a hole. in and pry out the three cup plugs that hold the shift ... 918. Location. Wilsey, KS. MattyP said: Hey everyone, I'm new to this page and don't really know how to navigate it. That being said, I hope I'm posting this correctly. I just recently purchased a 2wd 1991 na 7.3 f250 and it's got an e4od. I am not crazy about automatic transmissions and this one seems to have something going on in OD.Earlier 7.3 IDI heads have coolant ports facing the intake (valley pan) gasket, which are simply dead-headed there by the gasket. Later model IDIs have plugs pressed into the heads here, so it won't leak even without the valley pan gasket. Not sure on what exact year/serial that they switched to plugging those holes.

1992 F350 with the Banks Sidewinder turbo kit intermittent low boost: Truck has 54K miles so not worn out. Was stored for a few years indoors so changed the fuel filter and bled system before starting for the first time. Initially max boost 3-4psi and EGTs 400 max. I replaced the entire exhaust...My 6.9 has a purolator gold 7.3 psd filter on it right now. Extra quart and finer filtration. 1983 f350 6.9 zf5 2wd srw single cab long bed. Facet duralift, optima red tops, bfg all terrains, 4" exhaust from y pipe back, autometer z series pyro, pump turned up ……

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. EZ that Racor filter was a hybrid with a 6.9 threa. Possible cause: The National Leadership Youth Forum (NLYF) is a dynamic and exciting event that.

Texas. Howdy! PA Biodiesel Supply is up and running at full steam again. We are in stock of most everything and shipping within 3 days. Oil Pressure Centrifuges are available and perfect for the garage. On a barrel, it takes up less than 4 sq. ft. Oil Pressure Centrifuges. The Ultimate Force Centrifuge Series is …Hey guys well I took your advice and was going to send out the injection pump on the 6.9 IDI to get rebuild. I found a considerable oil leak between the pump housing (aluminum piece with oil fill spout) and the rest of the motor so I took it off to get surfaces cleaned and put some new sealant on it. I also found out that the was only ONE loose ...This forum is not for a ***-for-tat exchange. Both of you had your chance to speak your peace. take any further grievances to private messaging. any further open discussion of this matter will result in a vacation and if that doesn't work, a ban from the forum. A reminder to all reading this. OBN is only a communications portal.

Boonies of SoCal. spray it down with diesel and let that soak in... then chase that with some purple stuff or equivalent... works great on cement and I can only imagine would work just as well on chassis. I would normally say oven cleaner but that stuff WILL eat paint... good for axles and such though. Mar 30, 2010.New here I bought a 1989 S1600 x uhaul truck 7.3 IDI. 188,000 miles super clean and nice truck to convert to a motorcycle hauler. Going to be asking advice to get it to take 5 to 10 hour trips running 65=70 mph. It has the 4.33 rear and 5 speed. Can add a turbo it its needed.

1992 F350 with the Banks Sidewinder turbo kit intermittent low b In today’s digital age, having a unique and eye-catching profile picture is essential. Whether you’re using it for your social media accounts, professional platforms, or online for... You must be registered for see images attach. And the answFord Diesel Forums. 6.9L IH & 7.3L IDI Die this would explain the presence of engine oil in the. injector bore if the head was indeed cracked. Furthermore, if the valve repair was done on #8. that might explain the apparent piston damage/failure. This engine has just under 200K - the hone marks were. evindent when the lower end was inspected 3 months ago.Diesel Conversion Forum. ***NEW FORUM*** Discuss engines, transmissions and chassis modifications to successfully complete a transplant. 1. Computer etiquette is the proper way to communicate while inte Ford Diesel Forums. 6.9L IH & 7.3L IDI Diesels. IDI block heater question. Thread starter Lonesome7.3; Start date Sep 20, 2016; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. Sep 20, 2016 #1 Lonesome7.3 CSA. Joined Jul 2, 2008 Posts 2,081 Reaction score 2 Location Columbus, Georgia. My 88 IDI has a new engine but no block heater. ... Texas. Howdy! PA Biodiesel Supply is up and running a3. Location. California. Howdy, I purchased the BiFord Diesel Forums. 6.9L IH & 7.3L IDI Diesel Additives are one of those things where you can ask 5 different people and get 5 different answers. Power Service (Diesel Kleen) is a popular one mainly because you can find it just about everywhere. Howe's is another popular one for the same reason. Some swear by using Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) or 2-stroke oil because they …If you are an avid knitter, chances are you have heard of Ravelry. It is a vibrant online community for knitters and crocheters, offering a vast collection of patterns, forums, and... Dec 29, 2022 · Ford Diesel Forums . 6. Bore is larger than stroke. Timing is set at 2000 RPM. At that RPM you have 2000 RPM / 60 Sec. = 33.3 RPS / 8 = 4.1625 / 2 = 2.08 #1 cyl. fires every 2.08 seconds. I assume its set there because the max torque is between ~1800 and ~2000 RPM. If the timing is set at 8.5* to 9.5* BTDC.Jan 27, 2021 · The higher the gear, the more clutches are required. The E4OD does not shift by releasing one clutch and simultaneously applying the next; the 4R110 does but that's a different animal that uses software to get the timing right. So chances are, this may have been bleeding fluid pressure and lubricant from early on. Apr 2, 2023 · So far I’ve got a $900 4x2 7.3idi with 2 C6[Disucssion of the 12 Valve Dodge Cummins Diesel (1994 - 1998)Mar 4, 2022 · My oil level keeps rising. I swapped out the mechanic I bought a used 1992 F-350 7.3 idi non-turbo. Drove it for a few months with no issues. Finally decided that an oil change/fuel filter change was needed. Changed the oil and fuel filter. I added 3/4 diesel fuel into the fuel filter and actually drove fine for a day. Came back home the next morning and realized that I should change the tank from ...